Relationship problems have an impact on the sex life and sexual difficulties/mental health, also the menopause symptoms impact the relationship, bringing about a constant circle, which for sure will bring frustration, failure and disappointment with the sense of the relationship feeling ‘stuck’.

Through new understandings grows an awareness and clarity of the difficulties/feelings being experienced, through this awareness comes clarity of the choices resulting with making positive changes that meet your needs. Irrational thoughts & feelings make sense when we understand and make sense to what created them. I will educate why we chose the partners we do, introduce skills and tools to embrace non abusive conflict, to see it as an opportunity to deepen the connection within the relationship and to grow as an individual.

I use skills from an integrative model to create a unique structure for the individual or couple, with a core foundation of congruence, non judgment and empathy with respect of the human ability to heal its self.


Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist